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Applications OPEN!

MILMUN 2019: Executive Committee & Secretariat Applications now OPEN!

Dear MILMUNers,

since 2006, the MILMUN Conferences have brought to Milan 1800 students of more than 80 different nationalities. Since the very first time, we strived to provide the best possible experience to everyone: the Delegates, the Chairpersons, and the Executive Committee.

The Executive Committee is a small group of people that coordinates and runs the entire Conference. It’s a though, yet rewarding job.

If you want more info on the various positions and their tasks, check the Positions Descriptions page. And if you’re ready to join us:


The MILMUN Advisory Board

Applications closed! What’s next?

Dear MILMUNers,

Thank you for your interest in MILMUN!

MILMUN 2018 has started and is being held right now. If you want to know what is going on, you can check the ICFJ section of the website, where you’ll find updates, insights and gossips on this edition of the Conference.

If you’re interested in participating, check the website in a few months!

The MILMUN 2018 ExCom

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