ExCom & Secretariat
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Tamanna Tasneem Krity
IOM Chairperson
Tamanna Tasneem Krity has just completed her Masters from University of Dhaka in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, and is one of the more experienced MUNers in Bangladesh having been with the MUN from its early days. She is very creative and interested in many different fields. She believes in the quote of William James – Believe life is worth living for and your belief will help create the fact. Debating is and MUNing runs in her blood. She is now running her 15th year in the public speaking field. Currently is greatly involved with MUNs by regularly chairing at home and abroad and has 40+ MUN experiences. She was a regular award-winning delegate in her delegating time too. She served as international Chair in Asia Pacific Model United Nations 2016 and was also selected as a chair in London International Model United Nation 2017 as the first Bangladeshi Chair and also in the West London MUN 2017, Paris International Model United Nations 2017. She was an International Executive board member in BUGMUN, NSUIMUN, IIITHMUN-Hyderabad, IIITGMUN-Guwahati, BitsMUN-Pilani, BitsMUN Goa, etc. She is also a very talented painter who is the winner of many international and national art competitions. She also got interest in reciting poetry. She is not only a book worm but also a movie freak and a keen traveler. She loves to dive into new challenges and believes she can set new positive examples. She hopes you will enjoy every bit of your time in her committee.
Sonia Lopez
IOM Chairperson
Sonia is undergoing her LLM at University Carlos III of Madrid. She was born and raised in the sunny city of Barcelona. In 2017 she graduated in Law, focusing on International Public Law and International Relations. In 2014 she became member of the United Nations Students Association of Barcelona and fell in love with MUNs. She has participated both in PIMUN and MILMUN. During her stay at Cornell University (NY, USA) she became tutor of the undergraduates’ team. Sonia is an overt and outgoing person who lives for travelling, only this summer she travelled around the United States, made a voluntary in Greece and relaxed in the Spanish shores. You should know in advance that, even though she loves it, she is a really bad dancer (wait and see). As chair of the IOM she would do her best to ensure that you never forget MILMUN 2018!
Olga Osuchowska
ILO Chairperson
Olga is currently a Psychology student at the University of Turin. She is originally from Lublin, Poland, and so far has also studied, lived and worked in Glasgow, Warsaw and Milan. Her academic and professional interests, experiences and aspirations link to various media, including creative writing, journalism, theatre, and filmmaking. Because of this background, she puts much attention to the performative aspect of MUN, considering it first and foremost a role-playing game. Olga is also a keen traveller most passionate about Middle East, Asia, and learning foreign languages from Esperanto to Arabic.
Manal Malik
WHO Chairperson
Manal is currently working as an intern in Munich, Germany. She was born and raised in Pakistan and has completed her Bachelors degree in Computer Science from Air University, Islamabad. After completing her degree program this year in June, she moved to Germany in October to start her internship experience at a start-up in Munich. Her MUN career started four years ago and ever since she has attended multiple MUNs both as a delegate and a committee chair. Although she has an IT background, but the international and social affairs have always been her major interests. Her experience with the MUNs in the past few years have made her more passionate towards attending MUNs and sharing her experiences with the other delegates, since there is a lot more to learn from the sessions apart from the debates and draft resolutions. Manal is a very cheerful and an outgoing person who loves to travel. She has been to Turkey for a voluntary experience and explored different cities in Turkey. She has also visited Paris and intends to explore other parts of Europe this year. She is an extrovert which makes it easier for her to make friends. She is interested in learning different languages, currently she is fluent in English and learning Deutsche as well. As a committee chair for WHO she hopes to provide an excellent learning experience for the delegates at MILMUN 2018!
Ishaan Singh
UNSC Chairperson
Ishaan hails from New Delhi, India and is an Engineering student currently in his penultimate year of education. He has been participating in MUNs since 2010 and has been to over 30 International and Domestic conferences in the past 7 years. In his view MUNs are a platform for young minds to learn the nuances of diplomacy and debating, where all participants become aware of global happenings. He thinks of MUNs as not just an academic simulation, but an opportunity to learn about the world and obviously to meet new people! He has always been a very enthusiastic and systematic Chair and hopes to gives the delegates at MILMUN 2018 an unparalleled experience in terms of Committee Moderation. Besides MUNs, he loves to travel and click pictures. He keenly follows football and is an ardent Manchester United supporter.
Sofia Di Cesare
ILO Chairperson
Sofia is currently a second-year Bachelor student of International Politics at Bocconi University. Born in Milan but raised (fortunately) in Rome, she first took part in her high school MUN Conference at the young age of 15 and never abandoned the world of MUNs ever since. She regards these experiences as extremely valuable for acquiring knowledge on internationally relevant issues, but mostly for building long-lasting and valuable friendships. Moreover, she believes MUNs helped her improving her public speaking skills and gaining confidence in herself (hard to believe that she once used to be an awkwardly shy kid). She is now in the process of learning Russian, pushed by her adoration for Russian literature and culture. As a stubborn but incredibly passionate person, she hopes to give her delegates an enriching and unprecedented experience.
Tobias Simon Weitzel
WHO Chairperson
Tobias is currently finishing his Bachelors in International Relations at the University of Erfurt, a small liberal arts university in the heart of Europe. He grew up in the suburbs of Frankfurt and spent some time in St. Louis, USA. In his studies, he focuses on Global Health and International security, hence the title of his bachelor’s thesis: “Global Health Security: The Biopolitics of Emerging Infectious Diseases”. He has also been working as a student assistant and teaching assistant for the chair of International Relations for the past two years. The “MUN-Virus” infected him at his first conference in 2014 and he has participated in various conferences ever since, both as delegate and chair. He is currently preparing for the entrance exam for medical school (Wish him luck!). With degrees in both International Relations and Medicine, he hopes to bridge the wide gap between political interests and medical knowledge in his later career in Global Health. Besides that, he is interested in the Asia-Pacific Region. He has been taking Chinese and Japanese classes since 2014 and studied abroad at Waseda University in Tokyo. Living in Japan made him realize that he would like to move there someday. Maybe for a few years – or more. Who knows? In his free time, he enjoys reading and spending ridiculous amounts of money on books (even though half of them end up as dust catchers on his book shelf). Tobias is looking forward to MILMUN, and the debates and collaboration to take place among delegates from all over the world.
Justine Husson
ECOFIN Chairperson
Justine is both French and Italian. She was born in France, where she spent her childhood, after which she moved to Venice, in Italy, when she was nine. After a Classic-European high school where she had the opportunity to experience MUNs for the first time, she came to Milan. She is currently enrolled in her second year of Bachelor in Economics and Finance at Bocconi University. Justine chose the ECOFIN Committee because it combines her interest in Economics with her passion for international issues. She is an optimistic and overly positive person, convinced that everyone can do something to make the world a better place. Speaking of the world, the things she undoubtedly loves the most are travelling and the magic of discovering new places and cultures. She is fluent in French, Italian, English and she speaks Spanish (not fluently but she loves this language!). In her Committee during MILMUN 2018, she hopes to motivate the delegates and she promises to always be available when you need her. She will give it everything to be an amazing Chair!
Carlos Torrado Ortega
ECOFIN Chairperson
Carlos was born and raised in Spain but his interest in travelling and discovering different cultures led him to live in three different countries so far. His first MUN experience was when he was finishing High School in the snowy State of Wisconsin in the USA. Since then, he has attended more MUNs that what his fingers can count. He has been delegate, chair, secretariat-member and, currently, he is Director-General for NottsMUN 2018 and Secretary-General (and founder) of NottsMUN HS. Outside MUN he is a second-year Politics and Economics student at the University of Nottingham where he is the VP of the UNA society and the Finance Coordinator of the International Students’ Network. He is very passionate about the functioning of our great Union and loves defending it every time a Brexiteer puts its importance in question. Carlos looks forward to meeting you at MILMUN 2018!
Seza Güzelöz
ICFJ Chairperson
Seza Güzelöz was born and raised in Istanbul,Turkey. She attended an Italian High School in Beyoğlu. That created an opportunity for her to study in Italy. After high school she moved to Bologna for studying Law and is currently in her first year. She is fluent in Italian, Turkish and English. She chose to apply as an Editor in Chief because she likes to generate new ideas for ways of doing things, creating outlines, and having the last word on matters.  In her Committee she hopes to encourage the press for creating a good content without any censorship and only true stories.
Michelle Kazi
UNSC Chairperson
Michelle is extremely delighted to be chairing Security Council at MilMUN 2018! UNSC is close to her heart, as this was her favourite committee back in High School MUN; while she got diverted by crisis for a bit at university, she is eager to be returning to her roots. Michelle has been active in the world of Model UN for the last 8 years, having celebrated her 8th year in October 2017, and has attended over 45 conferences! #MUNAddict Michelle is a student at UCL, “London’s Global University” which suits her completely as she has lived in 3 continents, all before turning 13; it is no surprise the only culture Michelle identifies with is “Global Citizenship” (No really, Global Citizenship is real, go away Theresa!) When Michelle is not studying or MUNing, she is busy working for UN-WOMEN #Feminism, writing poetry #Shakespeare, baking #GBBO, obsessing over Game of Thrones #HearMeRoar and planning to become Prime Minister of the UK, so she leads the country back into the EU #SupranationalismFTW