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1st - 5th April 2019
"The Crisis of Democracy and
the Ideological Shift in International Politics"

Bocconi University, Milan

Committees & Chairpersons


United Nations Security Council (UNSC)
The ongoing conflict in Yemen: possible solutions and initiatives of the international community
The problem of piracy in the Gulf of Guinea and Boko Haram

Sebastian Pape
Sebastian is currently studying in the Netherlands at the University of Groningen, though this stay is limited, as he is attending an exchange semester with the Erasmus+ program. Regularly he is enrolled in Frankfurt (Oder), Germany, pursuing his Master in European Studies at the European University Viadrina.
With a total of more than a dozen MUN conferences and various different academic and extracurricular activities, Sebastian is a rather experienced member within the chair team. His record shows participations as delegate and chairperson, as well as one Best Delegate Award and one appearance as Secretary-General, both at KrakMUN in Cracow, Poland.
Apart from attending other MUN conferences, he has been active in the organizing team of ViaMUN for more than eight years now. MILMUN 2019 will be his first MUN conference in Italy after gathering experience in Germany, Denmark and Poland so far – he is very excited about this new challenge, inviting everyone to join this great conference and looking forward to meeting you at MILMUN in April!
Aleksander Fotyga
Aleksander is a first year student of the Bachelor of International Economics and Management programme at Bocconi University in Milan. For most of his life, he lived in Warsaw, Poland, although he spent the first few primary school years in London, where his parents had moved. Throughout secondary school he took rowing very seriously, even taking part in regional and national races and winning several medals.
During high school however his interests experienced a slight shift, as he started to read a lot about contemporary social, political and economic issues, which lead him to take part in MUN conferences as a delegate. He found the experience to be incredibly valuable.
The fact that he could express his views on various global topics to people who actually knew what he was talking about was truly inspiring.
He took part in 5 conferences as a delegate, earning several rewards, he chaired the Economics and Social Council at a MUN conference in Poland, and he was also elected to act as the President of the General Assembly for Katowice Model United Nations and Warsaw Model United Nations, the latter being the biggest MUN conference in central-eastern Europe.
Milan International Model United Nations will be his first conference outside of Poland and he is incredibly excited for the challenges coming!

United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)
Addressing the importance of helping island states in building resilience to climate change
The advent of automation and its consequences on employment

Sofia Di Cesare
Sofia is currently a third-year Bachelor student of International Politics at Bocconi University.
Raised in Rome, she first took part in her high school MUN Conference at the young age of 15 and currently serves as the President of Bocconi Students Milmun Society. She regards these conferences as extremely valuable platforms for acquiring knowledge on internationally relevant issues, but mostly for building long-lasting and valuable friendships. Moreover, she believes MUNs helped her improving her public speaking skills and gaining confidence in herself (hard to believe that she once used to be an awkwardly shy kid).
Her non-academic interests span from environmental issues to Russian literature. She is fond of European culture and just spent six months in the Netherlands. She loves music and is an addicted concert-goer.
She chose the topic of automation and its implications on work and society for the ECOSOC Committee. She believes delegates will find this topic challenging but very stimulating at the same time. Being a stubborn and yet soft person, she hopes to give her delegates an enriching and fruitful experience at MILMUN 2019!
Alexia Salmon
Alexia is an undergraduate student in the Department of International Relations at the University of Piraeus in Athens, Greece. She is both Greek and French and one year ago she moved to Toulouse, France, to spend a semester studying International Law and Economics at Sciences Po as an Erasmus student.
Alexia has always been passionate about international affairs and diplomacy and this is the main reason why she began her MUN journey at the 1st year of her studies. After 3 and a half years, she has participated, both as a delegate and as a chairperson, in many simulations of the UN, of European & Regional organizations, in Greece and internationally.
Today, she is serving as the President at the University of Piraeus MUN Society. She believes that MUN experiences can be exciting as well as life changing, since you meet people from every possible corner of this world and have the opportunity to create an everlasting story with them.
Alexia is waiting eagerly to meet in person her ECOSOC delegates to impart the love she has for simulations and make MILMUN 2019 an unforgettable MUN journey for them all!

United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC)
Human Rights violations in the light of mass migration in South America
Rohingya crisis in Myanmar with special emphasis on current refugee situation and principle of non-refoulement

Annapaola Monzeglio Rodriguez
Annapaola is a first-year student of International Relations and Global Affairs at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan. She was born in Italy but raised in Mexico by a Mexican mother and Italian father.
Since middle school, she has been very passionate about politics, law, languages, and debates. She has participated in 10 United Nations Models all around Mexico and she has organized several conferences about the “2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the 17 goals to transform our world”, certificated by the United Nations of Genève, in the University of Tecnológico de Monterrey and “The expansion of religious extremism in the XXI Century” in the Major Seminary in Cuernavaca Morelos, Mexico.
Annapaola loves learning different languages and cultures by traveling and living in new cities. One of the most transformative ones was when she went on an exchange in the summer of 2016 to Nice, in France, to perfect her French but unfortunately had a life-changing experience in the terrorist attack of that summer. As a survivor of the attack, she is now more aware, sensible and motivated to study and work in favor of her community and humanity.
Annapaola is planning to do her master in Diplomacy and International Law and hopefully work in the future as a diplomat. Come meet her in Milan at MILMUN 2019!
Angelina Odadžić
Angelina is a first-year student of International Relations at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore. She moved from Belgrade, Serbia, to do her Bachelor degree in Milan, where she is currently living.
MUNs have been her passion for quite a long time, and she believes that is one her favourite ways to debate and argue regarding world politics and economics, which are one of her many interests. Along with her great passion for debating, she enjoys learning new languages – fun fact: she can speak 6!
Angelina has spent a significant amount of her childhood living with her parents in the northern African countries, where got her love for traveling and learning about different cultures and civilizations. She spent her summer of 2018 doing an internship in the Embassy of Mexico to Serbia, where she learned the basic principles of diplomacy and bilateral relations. She continued her work in the Mexican consulate in Milan. As a libertarian, she has attended many conferences organized by ESFL (European Students for Liberty).
Angelina will do a one-year exchange in 2019/2020 in Bern, Switzerland, where she will continue with her studies, and later on hopefully do a Master degree in International Business.
She cannot wait to meet the delegates for the UNHRC at MILMUN 2019!

World Trade Organization (WTO)
The Milan Round, introducing lower trade barriers in order to increase worldwide development and stability
European Union vs People’s Republic of China, unlawful subsides of China in the steel market

Plamen Pachev
Plamen is a soon-to-be graduate in economics at the University of Vienna and passionate MUN-er. He already chaired many bodies, but co-chairing WTO in MILMUN 2019 is for him like going “back to the roots”.
He enjoys not only mainstream economic topics but also more exotic ones, like regulation of financial intermediation. In fact, he once thought to simulate such topic in a conference but he then realised that “time has not yet come”.
Apart from MUN-ing and trying to finish his Thesis, he likes small talks with a short duration, nonsense youtube videos, well-made movies, interesting places and good food and drinks. He likes the simplicity and his taste for aesthetics is summarized best by the quote of architect Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe “Less is more”.
For him, the daily press review is as important as a cup of good Italian coffee – which reminds him that he has never been to Milano and thus looks forward to welcome you at probably the most authentic WTO one can simulate!
Giovanni Maria Ficarra
Coming from a bachelor degree in Economics and social sciences in Bocconi, Giovanni is now a first year student of the Master in International Relations of La Sapienza University of Rome. He loves debating, swimming, cooking, reading, economics and writing.
He is the proud co-founder of a historical society in Bocconi and a former speaker and director in Radio Bocconi. After a working experience in the Italian Embassy in Tanzania and in the Chamber of Commerce of Milan he is now the fundraiser of AMIStaDeS, a non-profit association in Rome. He is also an EU lover and a former member of Bocconi Students MILMUN Society.
His love for international relations comes from far but his working experience in Africa put in him the desire to get involved in the development of the continent through the means of diplomacy and democracy.
MILMUN 2019 will be his sixth MUN experience, the fourth MILMUN and his second chairing experience. He pledges to do his best to ensure you a beautiful experience in this amazing university!
He is pawing to meet you and his wonderful co-chair, and he can’t wait to see you work, write, debate and enjoy with us the 2019 edition of MILMUN!

United Nations General Assembly Sixth Committee (Legal)
Criminal liability and accountability of United Nations officials, experts and peacekeepers on mission
The application of international law in cyberspace: the concept of cyber security

Theodora-Iliana Papacharalampous
Theodora-Iliana is currently a trainee lawyer at the Legal Department of the National Bank of Greece, and she is also attending, in parallel, a Minor on Environmental Studies at the American College of Greece. She pursued a Master in International Law and a Bachelor of Laws at the University of Athens.
She attended many simulations in Greece and abroad and has participated in two moot court competitions on space and air law representing Greece. Other than Greece, she has also lived in Romania, Italy and France and speaks six languages. She is a traveler, volunteer and loves reading books. Her favorite motto is ‘Nothing is impossible, anything can be done with confidence’.
She will be co-chairing the 6th Legal Committee, and she’s ready to welcome you all in Milan from the 1 to the 5 April 2019!
Petros Karakanas
Petros was born and raised in the city of Thessaloniki, Greece, where he is currently a 4th student in the faculty of Law in Aristotle University. He is really interested in Criminal Law, Criminal Medical Liability, International Criminal Law and Public International Law, and consequently has participated in various seminars and conferences with relative topics. Apart from his mother language, Greek, he is fluent in English, he is currently learning German and he can understand some French. Concerning his MUN experience, he started his career back in 2014 as a high school student and up until today has already participated in 12 MUNs (both as a Chairperson and Delegate), also gaining many awards. Alongside the participation in MUN conferences, he took part in Debate and Argument competitions both as a contestant and as a judge. Furthermore, at the moment he serves as Director for STEP (Student Traineeship Exchange Program) in ELSA Greece (European Law Students Association).
Petros used to be a track & field athlete competing in 400m dash and 400m hurdles. His interests include photo-shooting, cooking, reading literature and travelling. Outside of the academic life his main activity is singing, since he has attended singing lessons and is a member of a choir (a tenor), actively participating in concerts in Greece and abroad.
Petros feels really honored to be one of the Chairpersons of the UNGA Legal (6th) Committee in 2019 edition of MILMUN. He is looking forward to meeting all the participants in person, and along with his Co-Chairperson Theodora -Iliana he promises you an unforgettable experience!