MILMUN 15th Conference:

“The downfall of multilateralism and the shift to the East”

Bocconi University, Milan



The global economy is cooling down, the EU is dealing with increasing internal strife and the endless Brexit process, the US is facing another divisive presidential election, populist movements are calling for economic protectionism, countries all over the world are struggling to control civil unrest, many once flourishing cities look like warzones after months of riots.

The old empires are falling, new ones are rising up, on the back of unimaginably big populations and often blatant disregard for human rights and civil liberties. These tigers from the East: Russia, China, India, are waging a geopolitical war amongst themselves and against the West that cannot seem to find an answer.

The liberal world order, established after World War II and designed to end the seemingly endless peace-war cycle is falling apart. »Never again«, we cried after counting the dead and the injured, but the world was once again rushing towards escalation with the onset of the Cold War. Two superpowers, two hegemons fighting for ideological supremacy and a nightmare of bipolar mutually assured nuclear destruction. After that, a unipolar rule of the United States, marked with the seemingly endless fight against terrorism, a distraction from the much stronger rivals that were slowly gaining immense power and leverage.

The new players in the game of geopolitics have been dealt a new set of cards in the last 10 years. Young populations, uncomparable economic growth, control over essential resources and trade routes and a strong reliance on unpunished unilateral actions. China, a sleeping giant with 1.4 billion citizens, has quietly made a true »Great leap forward«, creating a military superpower and an ever-stronger economy, willing and able to rival the United States. 

What is the West to do? Who even is the West? Rusty international law is showing signs of disrepair and is of largely no use against continuous missteps by »rogue states« not satisfied with current world order. What is the true gameplan of the rising stars? Who will lead humanity to the future and how bright will that future be?

These are the tough questions you will be facing at MILMUN 2020 and be prepared, it won’t be easy!