1st - 5th April 2019
"The Crisis of Democracy and
the Ideological Shift in International Politics"

Bocconi University, Milan

Secretariat & Executive Committee

We are proud to present our amazing Team! Click on their names to know more about them.

Secretary-General: Alicja Benkenstein
Alicja is a second-year student pursuing a degree in Economics at Bocconi University. She started her MUN career at the age of sixteen in her home country, Poland. After four years of intense participation in the MUN world, she has attended over twenty conferences and served as a chair at several MUNs around Europe, including KULMUN 2017, SMUN 2016 and LVMUN 2016. She also served as the Secretary-General of Jagiellonian University International MUN 2017, which took place in Cracow, Poland.
Alicja was brought up in both Poland and Germany. She is fluent in three languages and very passionate about Scandinavia. Currently, she is learning Norwegian and hopes to achieve fluency in the near future. In her free time, Alicja enjoys discussing the meaning of contemporary art and pretending to understand the nature of quantum physics.

I am honored to serve as Secretary-General of #MILMUN2019 and I am elated about the opportunity to meet you all. If you have any questions regarding #MILMUN2019, do not hesitate to contact me!

Under Secretary-General: Zuzanna Kalwat
Zuzanna is a second year International Economics and Management student at Bocconi University. Her journey with MUNs began over three years ago in her home country, Poland. Ever since then, she has participated in numerous conferences, both as a delegate and a chair. In the beginning of this year, she had the honour of chairing the United Nations Security Council during MILMUN 2018. The fact that she is coming back as the USG is the best proof of how much she enjoys the conference and believes in it! For her MILMUN is a one of a kind of event, which apart from extensive learning opportunities, can foster friendships for life.

I am very excited and honoured to be serving as the USG of MilMUN 2019 and I cannot wait to meet you all in April!

Conference Manager: Eleonora Pigoli
Eleonora is a second-year Economics and Management student at Bocconi. She was born and raised in Milan, a city that she loves for its rich history and international background. She likes to read, binge-watch TV series, but most of all she adores to travel. She is interested in international affairs, which is why she joined Model United Nations during high school. She was fascinated by the opportunity to discuss real life, relevant issues with people who had ideas different from hers. Eleonora still remembers the first MUN session she ever attended, just like she remembers her first conference. She loves meeting new people from different backgrounds which is why, even in university, she was drawn to MUN. She participated in MILMUN 2018 as an ExCom member and loved the experience and the people she met so much that she decided to join the ExCom again for MILMUN 2019 – this way, she can help share the MUN experience as well as her city with everyone who will attend the MILMUN 2019 conference.

I am excited to meet all the participants of the 2019 conference and share the family that MILMUN is!

Human Resources Manager: Maria Elena Lasiu
Maria Elena is officially enrolled in the third year of BIG at #Bocconi University. She is currently spending a semester in France where she is studying as an Erasmus student at Sciences Po Paris University.
She loves debating on international issues and discussing the causes of international conflicts. She really believes in the importance of MUNs as international platforms where young students can meet, #exchange opinions and get exposed to different reasoning and ideas. This is the reason why she loves being engaged in MUNs, both as ExCom member and #delegate.

I already had the chance to join MILMUN ExCom. Last year, I was a member of the Marketing team and I worked with my amazing team member Viktoriya on sponsoring the Conference. The work was challenging, but rewarding!

MILMUN 2018 gave her the opportunity to meet amazing and brilliant students from all over the world, forge great memories and create strong bonds with many people, some of whom became her closest friends! In particular, she is grateful for the great MILMUN 2018 ExCom and Secretariat she had the opportunity to work with.
This year, she will be in charge of HR! She is so excited for this new task, she cannot wait to receive all your applications and finally meet you in person at the MILMUN 2019 Conference. Maria Elena is extremely committed to doing her best to deliver a challenging, fun, memorable MUN!

Marketing Team: Marta Cignetti, Giovanni Polli
Marta is in her third year of BIG at Bocconi University, in the same class as our fantastic HR Manager Maria Elena. Just like her, Marta is now abroad for an exchange semester, and she will be studying at Waseda University in Tokyo until January. When she’s not in university or hanging around in Shibuya, she likes to spend her free time drawing and reading. While still preferring the traditional art media, she enjoys experimenting with digital art, and hopes to be able to use her skills to contribute to the promotion of MILMUN 2019.
Marta is rather new to the world of MUNs, having had the chance to learn about them only her first year of university thanks to a very passionate friend. Due to her interest in topics such as international cooperation and development and her desire to become better at speaking in public, she joined the MUN association as a delegate, taking part in weekly debates. This year, she decided that she wanted to be part of the MILMUN 2019 ExCom team to challenge herself even more, to meet new people and to help advertising the conference.

I believe that the MUN conferences are an enriching experience that everyone should try. MILMUN 2019 will give you the opportunity to live an amazing week in the glamorous Milan, interacting and having fun with people from all around the world. You absolutely cannot miss it!

Giovanni is an Italian student currently enrolled in his second year of the International Politics and Government Bachelor at Bocconi University. He is nineteen and comes from Vicenza.
His love for politics and related issues grew during his last three years of high school, and he became interested in getting a bigger perspective over society and the world. Indeed, he deepened his bits of knowledge on immigration and reception of migrants in his local territory, participating in various related activities. Besides this, Giovanni’s dearest friend is music: he learnt to play the clarinet at school and the guitar and the piano by himself, and pop culture is his guilty pleasure.
Last year, Giovanni participated in MILMUN 2018 as the delegate of Croatia in the ECOFIN commission. This enriching experience helped him to get more confident in public speaking. This year, pushed by his will to get involved in new and exciting experiences, Giovanni decided to join the ExCom to take care of the Marketing tasks.

I really hope to help organizing an amazing conference, as it has been for me last year! MUNs are the best chance to meet new people, deal with captivating topics, better yourself in a diplomatic environment and have a lot of fun!

Fundrasing, Logistics & Events Team: Carla Scarlato, Silvia Rota, Lorenzo Canu
Carla is from Naples and in her second year of International Politics and Government (BIG) at Bocconi. She loves music (she played the piano until just a few years ago!) and reading. During her 4th year of high school, she spent a year abroad in Houston (Texas) and this is what got her interested in travelling and discovering the culture, politics and history of different countries. Last year, Carla joined the MILMUN 2018 conference as the delegate of China in the IOM Committee. Her new-found love for MUNs brought her back this year as part of the Excom to put in practice her organizational skills and meet a team of people with her same interests.

MILMUN 2019 will be a great opportunity to be part of a team, to organize an amazing event and to make every moment of the conference week interesting and fun!

Just like Carla, Silvia is in her second year of BIG at Bocconi. She loves travelling and learning about new languages and cultures. In the previous years, Silvia really enjoyed participating to various MUNs as a delegate and as a journalist because of the international and stimulating environment.

This year I thought it would be fun to take part in MILMUN with a different role and see the conference from another perspective. I hope that together with the rest of the team I can contribute to make MILMUN 2019 a great experience for every delegate!

Lorenzo is a first-year student in Political, Social and International Sciences at Alma Mater Studiorum in Bologna. In particular, his areas of interest are migration flows in and to the European Union and welfare policies. On campus, he is most involved in MUN and helping students with the housing.
After high school, Lorenzo took a gap year, working and participating in MUNs across Europe, and he decided to follow his passion for Politics and International Relations at university. He nurtured his passion for debate and negotiation since high school by getting involved as Students’ Council Representative and by cooperating with local entities, such as the Province and the Town Hall.
His passion for world politics and current affairs led him to get involved in Model United Nations. Lorenzo was introduced to the MUN world during high school when he participated in MUNOTH 2016 as Delegate of Spain in the GA, the first of many others. This year, he decided to challenge himself with handling the backstage of a conference as part of MILMUN 2019 ExCom member. Being a careful organizer, he will try to provide Delegates and Chairs a great time in some of the best places in Milan.

I’m incredibly excited to meet passionate young leaders and further the educational mission of MILMUN. If you have any question, please contact me!