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Secretariat & Executive Committee




Philipp Zieten

Philipp is a 23-year- old student from Oldenburg in North-West Germany. He is currently studying economic education and history in his final bachelor year at the Humboldt University of Berlin. He is looking forward to starting his Master of Education to become a teacher of economics, history and political science. Besides his studies he is a math tutor and a volunteer at a refugee center in his neighborhood, where he teaches refugees German.

Philipp is a MUN addict since 2010. Forced by his politics teacher to participate in his first conference in Oldenburg, he then voluntarily joined the BerlInMUN society and organization team in 2013 and participated as delegate, organizer, chair and editor-in- chief in 14 conferences all over Europe (Germany, Netherlands, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Poland, Sweden and Italy) since then. In 2016 he was honored to chair the International Organization for Migration (IOM) at MILMUN. It was his first time in Milan and also his first time in Italy. He immediately fell in love with Italy, Milan and especially MILMUN. The appointment of the role as Secretary General is therefore an honor and an amazing opportunity, which was accepted by Philipp with the aim to offer the best possible UN simulation so that MUNers and future MUNers will become as much passionate about MUNs and especially about MILMUN as he is.

In his everyday life Philipp is not only interested in politics; he is also a sports and music enthusiast. He likes American Football, Handball and Basketball and especially enjoys Reggae and Metal.


Under Secretary-General
Walter Minissale

Walter Minissale is an Italian graduating student in Economics and Management at Bocconi University in Milan. He also attended two courses in European Affairs and a course in Development and Cooperation at the prestigious Italian Institute for International Political Studies – ISPI. He fluently speaks Italian, English, Spanish and Portuguese and apart from his favourite fields, economics and finance, he has several interests, among these, public utilities management, energy markets, and international relations. He is an active member of the Erasmus Student Network and he enjoys international and culturally diverse environments. During the free time, he likes playing sports, listening to music and hanging out with friends.

Member of the Bocconi Students MILMUN Society, he attended as delegate several editions of MILMUN, BerlInMUN and the Belgrade European Union Model 2014. MILMUN 2015 awarded him the Best Delegate prize for his work as delegate of Spain in the ECOFIN. He attended MILMUN 2016 as Chair of the Council of the European Union – ECOFIN and BerlInMUN 2016 as Chair of the UN Economic Commission for Africa. Walter is looking forward with enthusiasm and determination to contributing to the success of MILMUN 2017.




Conference Manager
Athina Chondropoulou

Athina decided to follow her passion for international affairs, and now she is a second-year student enrolled in the Bachelor in Politics and International Government at Bocconi University. Born and raised in Athens, she learned to love history, especially ancient Greek history, which fuelled her passion for international relations. Athina’s love for travelling gave her the opportunity to get to know different cultures, which all had an impact on the formation of her character.

While in a Hellenic American high school, Athina got familiar with the demanding, but yet rewarding, world of MUNs. Now at University, she decided to continue to walk down that difficult yet fruitful road. However, her journey in the MUN world did not continue for her as a delegate, but as a member of the Ex-Com, where she is able to put her organizational skills in perfect use. Having attended several MUNs as a delegate, she knows the concerns and fears future delegates experience, as well as their expectations when attending an MUN Conference. Her previous experience in the Ex-Com has provided her with the necessary kwowledge on how to organize an MUN Conference.

She accepted the position of Conference Manager knowing the great responsibility of such a role, yet she is determined and will put her greatest effort in making the MILMUN 2017 Conference a success.


Fundraising Team
Raymond Shama

Raymond is pursuing his second year of the undergraduate course in Economic and Social Sciences (CLES) at Bocconi University in Milan. Raymond has developed values such as leadership, problem solving and critical thinking since his early youth thanks to his time as a member and leader of the international scout movement Hashomer Hatzair.

With the scout movement he has also participated to camps and seminars around the world, and these have given him the opportunity to meet and learn from people with a diverse background and have left him with a more international and open minded attitude. He continued to develop his international and dynamic profile thanks to his gap year in Israel working as a volunteer in a Kibbutz as a farmer and as an educator and English professor.

At Bocconi University he was lost without an international, challenging and unique association but, finally, during his second year, he found his perfect match, id est MILMUN. With MILMUN it was love at first sight and through his position as Fundraiser, Raymond hopes to leave to all the future delegates a perfect and inimitable MILMUN conference for 2017.

Andrea Giglio

Andrea is a second year student in Economics and Social Sciences at Bocconi University in Milan. Last year he joined the Bocconi Students MILMUN Society and discovered the amazing world of international organizations and MUNs, taking part also to OSIMUN. He sees MUNs as an opportunity to travel the world, understand different cultures, make friends all over the globe and be a citizen of the world. Being fundraiser in the Executive Committee will be a completely new, demanding and challenging experience for him, and he will put all his efforts in guarantying for all the delegates a perfect MILMUN Conference 2017.

He’s a passionate reader and a supporter of the Nietzschean philosophy, he loves surfing and sailing and being involved in unexpected adventures. He’s fond of Electronic Dance Music and he hopes to go soon to Tomorrowland. This, in his opinion, expresses the right attitude to life along with MUNs, of course.

Nicola Lipari

Nicola Lipari is a second year Economics and Social Sciences student at Bocconi University in Milan. Nicola has been an active MUNer since high school, participating during the years to four MUNs around the world, from New York to Oslo. This year he will be a member of the fundraising team, helping the ExCom in making this year’s MILMUN the biggest one ever. He’s really thrilled and can’t wait to put all his abilities in this challenge.

Nicola believes that MUNs are a great opportunity to meet fascinating people and to create a true global community. Beyond MUNs and economics, Nicola loves the ideas of the United States of Europe and of a carbon-free world (actually he daydreams of becoming the next Elon Musk). He also likes skiing and surfing.


Marketing Team
Maria Eugenia Borneto

Maria Eugenia recently graduated from the Bocconi Bachelor in International Economics, Management and Finance, majoring in Economics. She is devoting the next months to internships and volunteering to gain some experience before enrolling in a Master of Science. Her passion for international organizations began as she came in touch with the MUN world in 2009. Since then she is fascinated by the commitment of the diplomatic speakers who visit the conferences, and by the courage of those who decide to serve as Peace Corps in crisis areas – all with the purpose of leaving the world a better place.

She believes that communication and diplomacy are the only tools that are able to make nations more tolerant towards each other, by embracing and understanding the differences, rather than using them as an excuse to rise walls – literally and metaphorically. What she hopes to achieve through this experience is to put her theoretical knowledge into practice with the purpose of organizing and guaranteeing the success of the MILMUN 2017 Conference, making sure that it will be unforgettable for all the participants.

Martina Bo

Martina is a positive and curious second-year undergraduate student at Bocconi University in Milan, currently enrolled in the Bachelor of Politics and International Government. Her fondness for global affairs dates back to her years as a student at the International School of Milan, where she was taught to embrace other cultures and cherish diversities in a highly cosmopolitan atmosphere. Since then, she has experienced more than ten school and family exchanges all around the globe, including the US and India, has volunteered in Peru and Indonesia, and learnt multiple languages.

It mustn’t therefore result strange that when in 2015 she discovered the amazing world of MUNs she totally fell in love with it. Today she is a Senior Member in the Milan MUN Society, has participated in numerous conferences and has made long- lasting friendships. She is striving to utilize her passion and skills in the marketing team to share the addicting MUN energy, and make sure that MILMUN 2017 can be shaped into the best possible conference.

Dana Prymak

Dana was born and raised in Ukraine. She is currently doing her university degree in Canada and pursuing her studies in political science and economics with minor in management. Dana is a passionate traveller and explorer. Since her first days of the university, she has become involved with a student governance and had the honour to serve as a student representative on several Senate committees at her university as well as an International representative on the board of directors for the university students union. Dana strongly supports the idea of Model United Nations and has participated in MUNs in Canada and South Korea. 

She believes that MUN is an excellent opportunity to broaden your network as well as to encourage development of interpersonal skills. She thinks that engagement in our society is a very deliberate and responsible role and we are the ones who are going to carry these responsibilities, therefore, the MUN is an amazing practice round for that.


Human Resources Team
Ameshi Hettiarachchige

Ameshi Hettiarachchige at age 19 moved to Milan from Sri Lanka. Now a second year student at the University of Milan, she is studying political science and international relations. Her interest for MUNs dates back to high school where she was a society member of the general assembly. Her interest for political aspects inspired her to choose the path of political science.

One of her main hobbies is reading contemporary romance novels. For leisure she likes to travel to places with historical background. Life isn't all about academics so she also has a great interest in sports and was an athlete in high jump throughout school life.

She is looking forward to working in the human resources team and she can’t wait to receive an immense amount of delegate applications as well as personally meeting delegates in the future.

Elisabetta Guida

Elisabetta is a third year Law student at Bocconi University. Her love for travelling since she was very young has led her to expand her cultural horizons by making friends from different countries and to develop a great curiosity for everything concerning global affairs and international relations. 

She joined her first MUN in Milan by chance, but she totally fell in love with it. From that moment she grew fond of MUNs’ philosophy which consists in the opportunity to learn about important current issues in a stimulating and exciting international context, with also the possibility to meet very interesting people from all over the world, creating long-lasting friendships. 

She is now ready to experience an MUN from a different point of view by joining the ExCom and being part of it from the beginning, and she looks forward to giving her contribution in order to make the next MILMUN edition as great as the past ones.

Francesca Gaddia

Francesca is a third year law student at Bocconi University in Milan. She has always been interested in international matters and that’s the reason why during her first year at University she decided to join MILMUN, where she had a great experience and where she met a lot of people and created great bonds; she enjoyed it that much, that she decided to repeat this experience, and this year she chose to live the Conference from another point of view. That’s why she joined the ExCom! In fact, she is really excited by the idea of helping in the organization of the 2017 Conference in the Human Resources team.


Logistics & Events Team
Shantanu Reddy

I am a second year Bachelor student studying International Economics & Finance. I have attended three Model United Nations, twice in London, once in Milan. I have lived in five different countries, experiencing many different cultures and ways of life. A city I loved living in was Melbourne, on the south east coast of Australia. The great beaches and relaxed Australian lifestyle allowed me to be enriched with the great natural beauty of Australia. Currently my family live in the United Arab Emirates, a new experience for my family and for me. Learning the different ways of life is a great enjoyment to me.

My different experiences have helped me to understand world issues that I study at University and within MUN Conferences. I am familiar with Logistics & Events Management as I have worked in Events Management before. As I currently live in Milan, I am looking forward to sharing a city I enjoy so much with all the MILMUN delegates. I am excited to create events for the 2017 MILMUN Conference and look forward to meeting all participants.

Francesco Lopez

Since high school Francesco has always shown a strong interest in other cultures, especially in their socioeconomic models. This desire to confront himself with other realities, different from the ones he was used to, made him spend a year at St. Conleth’s, a renowned high school in Dublin, where he had the opportunity to debate on a broad set of different topics. Due to this highly stimulating context he decided to take part in an MUN conference in Rome (RomeMUN) where he was captivated by the way economic goals and directives could be attained in compliance with sustainable growth, especially in the CEMA region. He indeed ended up being infected by the contagious "MUN virus" and signed up as a volunteer for the next edition of RomeMUN.

He has diffused the “virus” by promoting MUNs across various high schools in his home city in Italy, and in the same year obtained his first award as “best delegate”. He is now studying economics and finance at Bocconi University where he is proudly part of the MILMUN Ex-Com.