Is MUN experience required? 
No, every first timer is invited to join! Only some countries require a previous experience, which can be identified in the application form by an asterisk (*).

Am I eligible to be a delegate if (a) I have a Bachelor degree but I do neither study nor work; (b) I am a Post graduate student; (c) I have a high school diploma but I do not attend university?
Yes, in cases (a) and (b) you are fully eligible to apply as a delegate. In case (c), you can apply only if you are 18 or you’ll be 18 at the first day of the conference.

Is there any selection test that I need to pass?
No, everyone is welcome! Just fill out our application form and our HR team will contact you.

Is any English Proficiency certificate needed?
No, but make sure you can enjoy an entire week full of negotiations and new friends entirely in English. It can also be an opportunity to improve your English speaking skills.


Can I request a personalized invitation letter?
No. If you require a VISA to stay in Italy you will have to obtain it by yourself. MILMUN is only able to issue an official acceptance letter, which you can hand in to the Embassy. For more information, check our VISA/Acceptance Letter page.


Is the conference fee refundable?
No, the conference fee is not refundable, but we can give you an extension of the payment deadline if you encounter any problem. Just be sure to keep us informed. For more information, check our Fees & Terms page.

How can I know if I am eligible for the delegation fee?
In order to benefit from the discounted delegation fee, you must form a delegation. A delegation must consist of minimum 5 people. Each member of the delegation should apply individually and pay the appropriate fee individually. (Please in case you want to pay the whole amount for your delegation in total, contact our HR team). In order for our HR to consider you as part of the delegation, you have to fill the appropriate question on the application form and include the same delegation name as should do the other members of your delegation. Please, in order to facilitate the process even further, try for all delegation members to apply around the same time.

Can I pay on spot?
No, unfortunately we do not accept cash payments. You can pay through PAYPAL or bank wire transfer. For more information visit our Fees & Terms page.

Are transportation, accommodation and other expenses covered by the conference?
The expenses covered with the Conference Fee are listed in the Fees & Terms page. All the other expenses, that are not covered by the fee, must be covered by the delegates.

Do you provide any scholarship to cover conference expenses?
No, unfortunately, MILMUN is not able to provide any kind of scholarship.


Can I represent my own country?
No. Our aim is to help you broaden your horizons and discover new cultures, therefore tend to assign countries different from your own.

What are the differences between the positions offered?
A delegate is someone acting as a representative of a member state. Member states enjoy full rights, can participate in debates and vote on resolutions and procedural matters. In the International Center for Journalists, you’ll have the opportunity to be a journalist of high-end news broadcaster or newspaper. Your responsibilities are, but not limited, to write articles, manage the social media accounts of MILMUN, etc.


Is there any training program before the Conference?
Yes, the weekend before the Conference Bocconi Student MILMUN Society organizes a meeting to explain the basic rules to first time MUNers. In this meeting we will simulate a committee from the setting of the agenda through voting procedure in order to go over all the essential rules of procedure. Our HR team will contact you close to the Conference dates and then you can communicate your attendance to them.

When will I get further info about the conference?
Our HR team is always there to clarify any kind of inquiries you have, so do not hesitate to contact them. In general, as soon as we receive the payment receipt and you are assigned a committee/country, you’ll be contacted by your Chairs. They will help you going through the procedure of preparing for the committee sessions.

What’s a Position Paper? When is the deadline?
Have a look of the position paper guidelines section. Additionally, your Chairs will be in contact with you to explain everything and give you a deadline, which must be respected. Don’t hesitate to contact them for any further problem you may encounter.

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