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Fees and Terms

Early Bird Fees

Benefit from our discounted MILMUN 2017 fees until December 31st, 2017!

  • Early-Bird Individual Fee: 129€
  • Early-Bird Delegation Fee: 109€

[Please refer to our FAQs to check whether you are eligible for the delegation fee.]


Regular Fees

Do not miss the opportunity to join us at MILMUN 2017!

  • Regular Individual Fee: 145€
  • Regular Delegation Fee: 129€

[Please refer to our FAQs to check whether you are eligible for the delegation fee.]


The Conference Fee includes:

  • Participation in the Conference and a Delegate Kit;
  • Lunch for each day of the Conference;
  • Two coffee breaks per day;
  • Some of the social events [Please refer to the relevant section to check which social events are included in the participation fee];
  • Certificate of Participation [80% attendance and Chair approval required].

Please note that the MILMUN 2017 Conference Fee does not cover the accommodation during your stay in Milan. If you seek accommodation, please refer to our Accommodation page.


How to pay the Conference Fee


The Conference Fee is non-refundable and non-transferable. Transaction costs must be sustained by the applicant. Alternatively, you will be asked to refund the Association for these costs upon your arrival to the Conference.

If you require a VISA to stay in Italy, MILMUN is able to issue an official acceptance letter you can hand in to the Embassy. Please note that it’s the delegate’s responsibility to check and manage their VISA status, and ensure that they apply sufficiently early. MILMUN will not refund fees paid by delegates who fail in obtaining a VISA. For this reason, we encourage you to register as soon as possible.

MILMUN provides two options to the delegates to pay their conference fee:

OPTION 1: Pay online easily and quickly through PayPal, using your credit or debit card. You can follow this link:

Due to time constraints, we strongly suggest you to pay online via PayPal!

OPTION 2: You can perform a bank transfer, or if you are already in Milan, a direct cash deposit in the following account:

Banca Popolare di Sondrio – Filiale 11 (Via Bocconi 8, Milano, Italia) Associazione MILMUN

IBAN: IT03 L056 9601 6100 0000 6109 X26


When you make the transfer, make sure you include the following:

MILMUN 2017 + Name + Committee + Country

If any of the information above is missing, it will not be possible for us to recognize your payment. Please make sure all details are correct.

Also, please make sure that the full amount arrives to us (possible bank charges need to be covered by you).


MILMUN 2017 Terms & Conditions

By registering for the MILMUN 2017 Conference, you agree:

  1. To fully cooperate with the MILMUN staff at all times before and during the Conference, which entails meeting all deadlines set by the MILMUN staff and providing honest and accurate information;
  2. To abide by the MILMUN Conference Schedule, which would ensure the proper functioning of the Conference;
  3. To constructively and actively participate in the MILMUN Conference activities, including the delegate workshop;
  4. To seriously adhere to all procedural and other guidelines of the Italian VISA (if applicable) at all times;
  5. To fully respect the MILMUN Code of Conduct (including the formal Dress Code and non-alcohol policy) on the premises of the Conference and any other locations used during the Conference, specified within the MILMUN Delegate Kit.

Furthermore, you understand:

  1. That the evaluation of potential absences from conference activities is left to the discretion of the Chairs and the Secretary-General;
  2. That in a case of repeated absences from conference activities, appropriate measures may be taken;
  3. That the Certificate of Participation can and will only be issued after sufficient attendance of Conference activities;
  4. That it is not possible to have the Participation Fee refunded.

Regarding the use of your personal data:

The following personal data can be transferred to other Model United Nations Conferences, with whom the MILMUN Association has Cooperation Agreements: name, e-mail address, position (Country & Council), rating given to the Delegates by their Chairs.

In case you disagree with this use of your personal data, please write an email to, and we will not make further use of it.