Gossip Box #1 – Tue 2

During coffee breaks, we serve you juice. But after coffee breaks, you offer us something even juicier: your gossips! And we really need some cold beverages in this unusually Summerish weather. Apparently, some people really suffer the heat:

Hottest chairs’ awards goes to…UNSC!

Honorable Chair Alex: are you single?

He might be, but apparently he has plans:

Zuzanna and Akex… Hot stuff tonight?

And the Chairs aren’t the only ones sweating:

Spanish girls in UNSC are too hot, seriously.

ECOSOC USA you’re so hot! Look around in your committee 😏😏

But even if you dress for the weather, your clothes shouldn’t be too revealing:

What’s wrong with the Sardinian girl and transparent clothes?

While someone else knows how to dress appropriately:

ECOSOC – The delegate of China is classy

And a Chair in particual has gotten everyone’s attention:

ECOSOC Chair “S”, motions aren’t the only things that are raising during committee sessions…

Sofia = Crush

Some people decided to act:

LEGAL – South Korea is exchanging “things” with Pakistan

LEGAL – South Korea and Canada seem to have great international relations! 🙂

And some have very interesting proposals:

Honourable Secretary General, I don’t know what I’m doing tonight. Maybe you? 😉

Let’s conclude with a very bold statement that will probably ignite the most heated debate of the Conference:

I feel obligated to be honest and I apologize in advance if I hurt anyone’s feelings, but the ECOSOC Committee is da best and the others can kiss our *ss. xoxo

See you tomorrow with more gossips!

xoxo Gossip Box