Gossip Box #2 – Wed 3

Today the weather is more cloudy, but the heat wave has yet another victim:

The Sec-Gen <3 is the hottest

But apparently both of the Secretariat girls have spotted someone:

An ‘extremely credible source’ has called my office and told me that Her Excellency, the Secretary General has a crush on one of the delegates

Today, when Zuzanna got in the UNSC, we saw eyes light up between her & Alex

They seem to have infected some of the Chairs too:

The Chairpersons of the Legal Committee have a real fun!

However, one of them apparently has a dark secret… Yesterday night, someone heard him say:

Legal Chair: “I’m saving my energy for later and then I will uncover my hidden part”

And the Chairs infected the delegates! Someone was spotted in the Legal Committee:

Legal Estonia looks really so cute in the pink shirt

LEGAL – Delegate of Canada is so hot, I really love her name and its my favorite cocktail ❤️

And it spread to the ECOSOC too:

There’s one ECOSOC delegate who has a big d*ck energy

ECOSOC France we could see your white underwear this morning 🤪🧐🙄😰😨

ECOSOC – It looks like the Marshall Islands delegate has a specific preference for Asian girls

ECOSOC – What we feel between the Chair and the delegate of the US looks like hate but is really love

And UNSC is not immune either:

The chair Alex looks like he wants to learn Spanish… I think he asked one of the Spanish delegates for private lessons, they’re always talking to each other!

But things started to get really GRAPHIC – look out, Chairs!

Honorable chair Alex, let’s discuss about more interesting positions, like the horizontal one 😉

I Wish ECOSOC Chair Sofia Would Sit On My Face Like She Sits On Her Chair

I wish Sebastian ate me like he eats colomba during coffee breaks

But elegance and class are not completely gone, judging from this poem:

ECOSOC – The delegate from India is so f*cking hot just f*ck me against the wall

That’s it for today! Keep sending us your deepest, darkest secrets!

xoxo Gossip Box