Gossip Box #3 – GALA Edition

Fancy dresses, glasses of white wine and… Two boxes full of secrets! The gossip boxes appeared at the Gala venue, and were quickly filled with rumors and hearsays. ECOSOS was particularly prolific:

Germany at ECOSOC. That suit fits you perfectly. You have a cuerpo danone

ECOSOC – The delegate of China is so hot tonght!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Marshall Islands and UK from ECOSOC seem to be ready for a peaceful agreement tonight! ❤️

ECOSOC, Day 3: Australia tries to conquer Italy, Japan and France. All together.

But the Legal Committee is definitely not any less productive in the gossips department:

Japan at Legal. When can we meet to make some dance lessons?

The delegates of Brazil and India from Legal look hot tonight…

Ok so, it seems like now it’s the delegate of UK the one interested in Asian girls

Pakistan and South Korea… A baby soon? You’re the best!

And Pakistan in particular is very appreciated, she might have to bear quite a few babies at this rate:

Pakistan from Legal should go to The Voice. No joke. Lovely voice! <3 (The HD)

Girl who sings and was wearing a green dress on Gala Night. Would you sing for me? Just a short song.

UNSC is the more serious Committee, but we’re 100% sure they’ll surprise us with the nastiest rumors in the coming days.

UNSC – I fell in love with the redness of Poland ❤️

China will do a strip tease at LeBanque on Friday… You will see 🙂

But of course not as serious as the ExCom and Secretariat, always so professional and discreet:

Maria Elena grinding in the middle is gold!

Eleonora is on fire tonight!!

Mauro and ECOSOC Chair “S” BEST COUPLE ❤️

The German UNSC Chair should find an Italian tailor! 👔

Sebastian, you look tired boy!

The Secretary General is fine af.

The Polish UNSC chair is really enjoying the spanish delegate’s company… It looks like the Spanish course is becoming a Spanish intercourse!

But it’s not over yet, keep sending us your gossips! See you later!

xoxo Gossip Box