Gossip Box #4 – Thu 4

Dear Delegates, we hope you had fun at the Gala! We know it’s the fourth day and you’re all tired, but everyone was lively and partying super hard!

Rumor has it that the Sleeping Beauty attended the Gala Dinner on Wednesday…

It looks like one of the most discussed topics is fashion:

Spanish girls, do you know the meaning of formal business clothes? Podium dancers shoes are not in order

ECOSOC – To whom it may concern. My underwear was actually black but feel free to keep thinking about it.

ECOSOC – Delegate of Italy, with this jeans mini skirt you look totally inappropriate for UN, maybe you should change career and work in a night pub

And fashion is important in romantic life as well:

ECOSOC – India and China would make such a fashionable couple. They both have so much style. Hope something happens btw them.

After the particularly graphic comments of the past gossip boxes, this week gossips were way tamer:

Alicja and Zuzanna you are the SEXIEST Secretariat EVER ❤️xx

Alexia Salmon is actually super cute with her salmon jacket

ECOSOC UK you are genuinely beautiful

While some are slightly less tame:

ECOSOC Chair S stop smiling to delegates when you give the the floor, it’s hard to give a speech with a boner

ECOSOC Germany is famous for its typical sausages.. what about the delegate of Germany?

Dear Greek ECOSOC Chair, I can make you jump higher than you did at the Gala

US @ SC, maybe you can make me come to order as quick as you make your delegates when you snap your fingers?

Pakistan in Legal – open me like a can of tuna

And it looks like bilateral agreements are florishing:

The representative of China (who is Chinese! #funfact) has been seen with the delegate of UK. We wish them great and fruitful relations!

Some Countries are experiencing minor setbacks:

The German Chair and the delegate of Poland: cute fight, you should have done it naked.

…while some Countries decided to end all diplomatic relations:

UNSC – The delegate of France should stop hitting on everything that breathes, especially a certain Greeek Chair

Hopefully everything goes smoothly and all conflicts come to a halt. We’ll be the first to know, anyway!

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