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9th Edition of Milan International Model United Nations

It is with great pleasure that MILMUN Association announces the ninth edition of the Milan International Model United Nations. As every year, we are going to offer an amazing international experience, open to the students from all over the world. For one week, young students and professionals shall live the amazing the experience of representing a country in a truly international and multicultural environment, debating over hot topics of the current geopolitical agenda, learning to negotiate and compromise to reach consensus, making new friends and enjoying a week of negotiations in the wonderful city of Milan.

Hosted by the prestigious university Bocconi, the most important university in Italy for Economics, Finance and Management, future participants will have the chance of understanding the intricate web of international relations, experiencing on their own skin the hardships of agreement and mutual understanding; they will also have the chance to go deeper in their understanding of some of the most important international institutions and will apply rules of procedures tailored to ease said process.

This year’s theme is:

Innovation Through Negotiation

International Relations to Deliver  Sustainable Change

This theme aims at highlighting how there can be a link between the often abused adjective sustainable and the world of international relations. Nowadays, this adjective is often used to render something appealing, attractive and innovative: it is often used in relation with policies and development, subtly pushing forward a positive message related to the environment, to the so-called Green Economy. In many cases, this adjective is simply a façade that tries to renovate something old.

MILMUN 2014 would like to be the forum where this is definition is explored in more details and the basis for such an exploration is the awareness and knowledge that something can be sustained if short and long term goals are always clear and achievable. Sustainability is not a defined method that can be applied unilaterally or simply adopted but it is a complex process of definition and redefinition of goals and objectives, always considering your environment as a whole and, especially, not just in a specific moment in time.

This also applies to negotiations and the environment in which negotiations take place is even more volatile than other more commonly considered environments: situations may change very quickly and an agreement that was at hands’ reach may vanish for any number of reasons. So, bringing a sustainable change through negotiations is a very delicate and challenging matter. Future MILMUN participants to this ninth edition will have the opportunity to test their skills and reach consensus in the following simulations:

  • United Nations Security Council
  • United Nations Economic and Social Council
  • Council of the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations
  • International Court of Justice
  • Economic and Financial Council of the European Union

Stay with us and be prepared: more exciting news regarding this year’s edition of MILMUN will be published soon!

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