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MILMUN Ambassadors

The MILMUN Ambassadors are individuals that have written the success story that MILMUN is today, and wish to continue doing so, although not “full time”. MILMUN Ambassadors will assist the Association in the following manner:

  • Awareness raising: spread the word about MILMUN, give short presentations and distribute flyers to students and partners;
  • Organize a delegation: help students in other universities to organize themselves in delegations;
  • Fundraising: foster cooperation between MILMUN and individual networks;
  • Guest Speakers: assisting in bring top-level speakers to the conference.

See below our current Ambassadors:


Michael Silva A Brazilian native, Michael grew up in the USA. He graduated from Bocconi University in Milan, Italy, and Central European University in Budapest, Hungary, with a double degree. During his time in Milan, he participated in MILMUN 2010 as the Human Resources Manager. Now, he is living and working in São Paulo, Brazil.
Marzia Calvi Marzia is an Italian student, currently enrolled in Economics and Management of the Public Administrations and International Institutions CLAPI MSc at Bocconi University. She holds a Bachelor Degree in Economics and Social Sciences (2010).She has been an intern at World Health Organization and trainee at the European Council.Her first contact with MUN was during her Bachelor years. Marzia joined the MILMUN Association starting as a Delegate in the Human Rights Council, continuing being the Chair of the European Council and finally taking part in the Executive Committee as Fundraising and External Manager in MILMUN 2010.She also took part in Cambridge Model European Council in 2009 and prepared several Bocconi delegations attending conferences abroad.
Bianca Cravenna Bianca’s first experience with MILMUN was as a delegate in 2009 – during her Bachelor in International Economics and Business at Bocconi. She then went on to be the Logistics and Events Manager for the 2010 conference and attended LIMUN as the delegate of Palestine in the Arab League. Bianca is currently studying towards her Master in International Business at the Grenoble Graduate School of Business, before which she completed several internships in Italy, Singapore and Australia – where she worked for the department of the Premier and Cabinet.
Shavi GandhiShavi_Gandhi Shavi is a final year MBA student at Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, India and an exchange student at Bocconi. She has acquired skills in the fields of Management and Economics through her work experience at a hedge fund, D. E. Shaw & Co. (India), Morgan Stanley (Singapore & Hong Kong) and General Electric (India, consulting project). She has organized many events at national level, including an IEEE event with a footfall of 4000 and a budget of Rs 4 lakhs and has won many strategy competitions like P&G CEO Challenge. She wants to extend her experience by contributing to an event at an international level and larger scale. She wishes to raise awareness about MUNs in India and aspires to organize delegations from India to attend the MILMUN 2013 conference.