Pay your fee

The fee can be paid by wire bank transfer. If you are in Milan, you can also pay via direct cash deposit on our bank account. For an easier processing of applications and tracking of payments, we strongly suggest paying through wire bank transfer.

Please note that the fee is not refundable even if you are unable to participate. Read our Fees & Terms page for more information.

After the payment, please send us a scanned copy of the deposit receipt which includes your full name and the Committee and Country you’ve been assigned. This will help us process your application faster.


You can make a wire bank transfer (or, if you’re in Milan, a direct cash deposit) to the following account:

Banca Popolare di Sondrio (Filiale # 11 – Via Bocconi 8 right outside of SDA Bocconi in Milan, Italy)
Name: Associazione MILMUN
IBAN: IT03 L056 9601 6100 0000 6109 X26 (IT03L0569601610000006109X26)

Please include your FULL NAME, COMMITTEE and COUNTRY when making your payment. This is crucial to determine if your payment was successful and confirm your participation in the Conference! You should also note that any bank charges are at your own expense.