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Secretariat & Executive Committee 2018



Pietro Galeone
Secretary General
Pietro is currently a first-year PhD student in Economics at Bocconi University. He was born and raised in Bari, in southern Italy, where he attended a half-Italian half-German high school program. Afterwards, he moved to Massachusetts, USA, to study at Harvard University. There, he graduated in Social Studies, focusing on the economics and politics of the European Union, with a minor degree in Astrophysics. He has been involved in Model UN since high school, where he participated both as a delegate and as a tutor for new students. In college, he served as a staff member in various positions, from Assistant Chair to Director General, at multiple Harvard conferences: HMUN, HNMUN, WorldMUN, HMUN India, and HNMUN Latin America. Pietro loves languages (he speaks five and can read seven) and is very much looking forward to welcoming delegates from all nationalities to Milan. He is honored to serve as the Secretary General of MILMUN 2018, where he will do his very best to continue the tradition of excellence of this conference. And, of course, he’s very excited to meet all delegates in the beautiful Milan spring! Please do not hesitate to contact him should you have any questions about the conference. See you soon!
Anja Vuksanović
Under Secretary General
Anja was born and raised in Belgrade, Serbia. She is currently in her second year of Bachelor of International Economics and Finance at Bocconi University. Even though she studies finance, she dedicates her free time to international affairs, which is why she chose to join the MILMUN community. She also loves the international community at Bocconi, and that is why she is part of the Bocconi International Student Association. Following sports is one of her favorite hobbies and she has favorite athletes for every sport, from sumo-wrestling to ski jumps to F1! She is fluent (or at least she says she is) in Serbian, English and Italian. For the MILMUN 2018 conference she will be a much more serious Under Secretary General than this biography makes her seem, but just as excited about the opportunities and experiences that this conference will bring to all its participants!

Executive Committee


Zak Bekkali
Conference Manager
Born in Italy from Moroccan parents, Zakaria sees in his multicultural background a priceless gift, which had an impact on the formation of his character: an open-minded “social animal” – that is how his best friends describe him – always hungry for knowledge and irreversibly affected by wanderlust. It is no coincidence that Zak decided to follow his passion for international affairs, and now he is a second-year student enrolled in the Bachelor in Politics and International Government at Bocconi University. Today he is a Senior Member in the Milan MUN Society, which he entered last year in preparation for MILMUN 2017 where he was awarded with an honorable mention in the Human Rights Council. He thinks that engagement in our society is a very deliberate and responsible role and we are the ones who are going to carry these responsibilities; therefore, these simulations are an amazing practice round for that. Victim of the MUN-bug, he is looking forward to attending the prestigious OxIMUN Conference, which will take place next November at the University of Oxford. At the same time, being halfway through his Bachelor and ready to spend a semester abroad next year, he was eagerly looking for an inspiring and unforgettable challenge to take up which could leave the mark and let him grow in an international context. The Ex-Com’s call was too inviting not to be answered and Zak is very much enthusiast of starting this journey with the other members and contributing with his passion and his organizational skills. He accepted the position of Conference Manager knowing the great responsibility this role entails, yet he is determined and will put the greatest effort in shaping the MILMUN 2018 into a successful conference!
Eleonora Pigoli
Logistics and Events
Eleonora is a first-year Economics and Management student at Bocconi. She loves to read, binge-watch tv series, but most of all she loves to travel. She is always excited to experience new cultures and discover new traditions and world views. Because of this, when she started high school and found Model United Nations she was immediately drawn to it. She was fascinated by the opportunity to discuss real life, relevant issues with people who had ideas different from hers. Actually she still remembers the first MUN session she ever attended, just like she remembers her first conference. She loved meeting new people from different backgrounds, and cannot wait for all Milan MUNers to be able to share this experience. Furthermore, she has lived in Milan her entire life and she is very excited to share this city that she loves so much with everyone who will attend the Milan MUN 2018 conference! Because of this, she chose to participate in organizing the conference and taking the role of Logistics and Events
Alice Montagna
She is part of the Fundraising Team because she truly believes in the collaboration between non-profit and corporate business, with the common objective of improving our world; so naturally she wanted to be part of the team! On the side, she loves travelling (next dream destinations are India and the imperial cities of Morocco), reading fiction, discussing philosophy, skiing and watching one (or ten) tv series. She also loves hanging out with friends. She joined the MUN Society last year dragged by a friend, only to find in it a new beautiful world. She loves the international atmosphere of the conferences, where you get to know amazing people and explore different cultures while forging long-lasting memories...those Gala Nights are pretty cool indeed! And to conclude with a personal message from Alice to delegates: “I want you to live those same moments and to have the opportunity to sharpen your professional skills; I will thus put my best efforts to deliver to you a fantastic experience at the 2018 MILMUN Conference!"
Faiga Alawad
IT & Design
Faiga is a second-year masters student in computer science at the University of Milan. A Sudanese national, she was born and raised in Sudan. She holds a BSc honors degree from the University of Khartoum, majoring in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. She has been working as a teaching assistant at the department of Electrical and Electronics engineering at the University of Khartoum since 2015, preparing laboratory sessions and tutoring bachelor degree students. She has worked as a Software Testing Engineer for two years, and as one of her tasks, she took part in organizing an annual recruiting conference. She also participated in establishing the first FM Radio station in University of Khartoum as a member of the steering committee. She is totally passionate about volunteer work and endeavors those involve creativity and social involvement. She says: "I am very enthusiastic about MILMUN and we will work relentlessly to make it successful!"
Giorgio Farace
Human Resources
Giorgio is a second-year student of political science at Bocconi University. Being deeply in love with his hometown, Milan, as well as with international affairs, he could not give up on the opportunity to contribute to this year’s MILMUN Conference! His passion for Model United Nations began at MILMUN 2017, where he learnt what a challenging and rewarding experience participating as a delegate is. This year, as the Human Resources manager, he will be looking for the most passionate and qualified applicants to ensure the highest levels of academic quality and a fulfilling conference for all participants. He can’t wait to welcome you in Milan this spring!
Viktoriya Smagina
Viktoriya is an International Business Master Student at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore. Her character was built from her international experience and background: Russian soul, Kazakh hospitality, German punctuality and sense of duty, Italian “dolce vita” lifestyle. All meet in one person. Friends describe her as a pro-active, unstoppable, adventure seeking person, hungry for new knowledge, new experiences. Always on the move, she has many interests; from innovation, technology, literature, history to music, photography, theater, art, discovery of new destinations and new adventures. She has a long and interesting path that took her to Milan. Being Russian by origin, she was born and raised in Kazakhstan, where she attended Linguistic Gymnasium with the promising name “BEST” and a music school specializing in singing and piano. Following her roots and the call for new opportunities and creativeness, she moved to the cultural capital of Russia – St. Petersburg – where she graduated in the field of International Relations. After an exchange semester in Germany, she decided to continue her studies abroad, and this is why she is now living here in Milan. Everyday she tries to combine creative-thinking and life-learning approaches, and after participating in MUNs as a delegate she is now ready to bring new fresh ideas to make MILMUN 2018 a great conference!
Liv Svae
Human Resources
She was born and raised in the snowy and magic Oslo, up to the age of 6, after which she moved with her family to the periphery of Milan. She still has a very strong bond with Norway, and wishes to move back sometime in the future. She is currently enrolled in the 2nd year of the bachelor in international politics and government at Bocconi University, where she found the multiculturalism, open-mindness and tolerance she was looking for. Indeed, having such a bilingual and international background, she felt the urge to know more about how the world works, especially about how economics and politics interact with each other, and how she could leave a trace in the world. Last year she joined the MILMUN society and participated in the MILMUN 2017 conference, as a German delegate in the ECOSOC, and soon she will partake in OxiMUN. She found it a very enriching experience, giving her a lot of new insights on global issues, yet stimulating her to dream even bigger. That’s why this year she decided to contribute to the ExCom as a member of the HR team, where she hopes she can make the difference in organizing the most amazing MILMUN conference ever!
Omar Ould Ali
Omar is a Moroccan first-year student in International Politics and Government at Bocconi University. His passion for politics sprouted from the very first MUN he attended back in his country of origin, at the city of Tangier (AST MUN). In 2015, Omar instantly fell in love with all of the conference’s aspects: the fierce debates between delegates, the diplomatic role-playing, the peculiarities of the conference's rules, absolutely everything. During his junior year of high school, he decided to join a local MUN Club in Rabat, of which he became President the following year. Leading and representing the club, Omar participated in multiple national and international MUNs (AUIMUN, NAIMUN, Assabil MUN), and was awarded twice as Best Delegate. His favorite committee settings are the Historical Security Council (HSC) and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). Beside Politics, Omar has many interests. He embraces philosophy as the womb of knowledge, is a passionate amateur poet, worships food and cooking, loves fantasy books and Mangas (they are his sanctuary of imagination and creativity), and finally he has an unbounded nerdy curiosity for science. More particularly, Omar is very interested in modern scientific fields, such as molecular gastronomy and quantum physics, and believes that an ideal Politician must have various and well-rounded knowledge (hence his exhaustive list of interests). MUNs have contributed a lot to Omar’s life. Indeed many of his hobbies and interests originated from his social interactions during these conferences. But to Omar, Model UN was more than a path to self-discovery: it was a process through which he honed a large set of soft skills and an opportunity that allowed him to meet incredible friends and individuals. This year, Omar is stepping out of the delegate spotlight to join the executive team: “I’ve had many amazing memories and experiences in my past MUNs, but it is now time for me to return the favor and hand to others the same joy and thrill that was once handed to me. So I will do my very best to make the MILMUN 2018 a successful and fun experience. See you this spring delegates!”
Maria Elena Lasiu
Maria Elena is currently a second-year student enrolled in a Bachelor of International Politics and Government at Bocconi University. Her first experience with Model United Nations dates back to two years ago, when she took part in a MUN conference in New York with other students from her high school. This year, she decided to join the MILMUN society and she loves the inspiring and challenging debates that arise in every session. She believes that Model United Nations is extremely stimulating, and that the international atmosphere of the conferences is something unique. During her experience in New York, she has met so many talented students from all over the world that inspired her to give her best during the conference and with whom she is still in touch. She sees every conference as an opportunity to increase personal understanding about various international issues and to improve public speaking skills. She is so excited to give her contribution to this year’s MILMUN Conference and she is ready to do her best to make this conference a great one in the amazing city of Milan.
Giunio Panarelli
Giunio is a second year student of International Politics and Government at Bocconi University in Milan. As the course he’s studying might suggest, he’s really keen on Politics and he loves discussing it, with a unique ability of turning a lot of “normal” conversations in political ones. He is very talkative and willing to debate all opinions, which is why he enjoyed a lot his experience as Delegate last year at MILMUN 2017. That conference allowed him to get to know interesting people and widened his international perspective. So when he had the chance of helping organizing MILMUN 2018, he didn’t let it go by and became a member of the fundraising team. Beside this he has many interests like music, history and writing; he especially loves to meet new people, so he can’t wait to welcome all participants to this amazing experience!