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The Bocconi Students MILMUN Society is a non-profit organization that provides high quality political education, intercultural exchange and career guidance with a global perspective.
These goals are achieved through an academic simulation of selected UN bodies in annual Model United Nations conferences as well as the organization of related training courses and lecture events.

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Martina Bo
President of the Bocconi Students MILMUN Society
Martina is a 20-year-old Italian student pursuing a bachelor in International Politics and Government at Bocconi University, in Milan; and starting from January she will head off to Madrid for an exchange program at the IE Business School. She embraced the marvelous world of Model United Nations in 2015 by joining the MILMUN Society, and this year she has the honour to be MILMUN’s President. Since 2015, Martina has participated both as a delegate and as a chair in numerous conferences at European level, including BERLINMUN, BIMUN and KULMUN. She has then been part of the Executive Committee as the marketing manager for MILMUN’s 2017 edition. These experiences have allowed her to have a 360-degree perspective of a Model United Nations conference. Additionally, Martina has worked for the Italian Chamber of Commerce in the Dominican Republic, where she got acquainted with commercial and diplomatic relations among countries and she had the opportunity to practice her negotiation skills in pure Caribbean style. It is a pleasure for Martina to be this year’s President of the Bocconi Students MILMUN Society, since she deeply believes in the values that MILMUN embraces, such as cultural exchange and international dialogue. Her multiple exchange and volunteer experiences abroad in countries such as Indonesia, Peru, and India can demonstrate it. Martina is clearly a travel-lover and every occasion is a good excuse for her to catch the first flight and explore the world (with a good photo-camera in the backpack). Martina is thrilled to work with the members of the MILMUN Society and shape them into true MUN lovers, as her predecessors did with her. Having Sofia by her side will then make the task much more easy and joyful!
Sofia Di Cesare
Vice-President of the Bocconi Students MILMUN Society
Sofia comes from Rome and she is currently a second-year student enrolled in a Bachelor of International Politics and Government at Bocconi University. Her involvement in MUNs dates back to high school where her desire for debating and discovering new subjects was finally satisfied. Since the age of 15, she has participated in several Conferences including international ones in Istanbul, Chicago, and London. Last year she took part in MILMUN as the Chair of the Human Rights Council. Now she serves as the Vice-President of Bocconi Students MILMUN Society, in the hope of transferring her knowledge and passion for MUNs to others. Her main area of interest concerns environmental issues and related socio-economic rights. MUNs gave her the opportunity to further deepen the understanding of these topics, but mostly they increased her ability to build strong and long-lasting friendships with amazing and very talented people.

NEXT SESSION: Sessions will resume in February

The Committee and Topic will be unveiled on the official Facebook group.



The Bocconi Students MILMUN Society EuroChallenge is a point-based system that rewards the most prepared and active Members by sponsoring their participation to other MUNs acoss Europe. Click here to read the rules of the competition, and scroll below to see the current ranking.


We are very proud to announce the names of the MILMUN Society Delegation that will represent us at LIMUN, in London, United Kingdom from 11th to 14th February.

Here are the winners, chosen according to the BSMS Eurochallenge Ranking:

Matteo Giugovaz
Maren Plöger
Sofia Di Cesare

Congratulations and good luck! Show everyone the MILMUN spirit!


The second Conference the MILMUN Society will send a Delegation to is SEIMUN, held in Granada, Spain from 4th to 7th May.

The Delegation members will be chosen according to the BSMS Eurochallenge Ranking in April.


Session 7 – 1st December
Session 6 – 24th November
Session 5 – 17th November
Session 4 – 10th November
Session 3 – 3rd November
Session 2 – 13th October
Session 1 – 6th October
Introductory Session – 27th September




The ranking will be reset before each Sponsored Conference, but the points collected by Delegates during the whole year will be taken into consideration when we will draw up the final cumulative ranking. Click here to read the rules of the competition!

1 Matteo Giugovaz 17
1 Maren Plöger 17
2 Sofia Di Cesare 16
3 Francesca Neodo 14
4 Alice Montagna
Marta Cignetti
5 Natalia Costanzo 5
6 Sonia Ruan
Cecilia Vianello
7 Caroline Angeli
Nora Di Cesare
Alessandra Gargiulo
Irene Gentili
Beatrice Gibertini
Stefania Samatov
Caterina Serafini
8 Elisa Guerrini 2
9 Florian Arnout
Zakaria Bekkali
Raphaël Bigio
Victor Bus
Giuseppe Concetti
Lorenzo Faggiano
Constance Ferraris
Antonia Glatzel
Giulia Gouet
Marin Grisard
Elisa Guerrini
Adrien Houri
Simona Miosi
Pénélope Rascol
Liv Svae
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