ExCom & Secretariat
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2013 Executive Committee

Conference Manager
Fresh from her internship at the British Consulate General in Milan, Giorgia is eager to meet all prospective MILMUN Delegates and welcome them to Bocconi University for the 8th Annual Edition of the Milan International Model United Nations. An aspiring Diplomat, she took to fieldwork in Senegal where she engaged in Humanitarian Aid Projects with the Senegalese Red Cross and local NGOs. A drive to discover new countries was present in Giorgia as early as her secondary education years, during which she attended  Carroll Highschool in Iowa, USA as part of an Exchange Program. An active Member of the Bocconi MILMUN Club, Giorgia has been part of numerous Delegations, including ROMUN 2011, MUNIST 2012 and CUIMUN 2012.  Furthermore, she has a strong MILMUN background, having attended the Conference in 2011 and 2012. Excited about the Opening of MILMUN 2013, Giorgia would like to wish all Delegates luck with their preparation and a series of productive Committee Sessions.
Secretary General
Greco-Bulgarian, with an International Baccalaureate Bilingual Diploma from an American High School and an expected Degree in Economics from Bocconi University, Victor has been passionate about International Affairs ever since he was a child. Being a supporter of the private sector as a means to public policy reformation, he has also engaged in internships at venues ranging from KPMG Auditing and Allianz Insurance to smaller companies in Italy, an NGO in Africa and the Consulate General of Greece in Boston, MA. Model United Nations, however, holds a most significant spot in his heart, since it has helped him develop more than any of the aforementioned activities. Having perpetually served as an award-winning Delegate, Chair and Secretary General at U.N. simulations both in the U.S.A. and Europe, he has come to realize that the value of public speaking permeates any and all aspects of our lives. Hence, he has founded the Bocconi MILMUN Club, hoping that he will also convey his love for debate to each and every one of the MILMUN 2013 Delegates, who he looks forward to meeting in person.

Under-Secretary General

Having recently completed his B.A. in International Relations in the UK, Florian is currently travelling across South America after having visited Syria and Lebanon in 2010. Following an internship at the German Embassy in Quito, Ecuador, Florian was exposed to the pressures and professionalism associated with Diplomacy and Global Politics. An experienced MUN participant, Florian has held a wide range of positions in Model United Nations Conferences across the European continent. Most notably, he has taken part in MILMUN both as a Delegate and Chair – a fact that has created a bond between him and the Milan International Model United Nations. This year, Florian will be the Chair of the Human Rights Council.
Human Resources

Born in Romania and “adopted” by Italy eight years ago, Cristina has always been fascinated by cultural diversity and developed an interest in International Affairs. With a strong background in 4 foreign languages, Cristina has also built upon her skills through visiting different destinations and experiencing their customs and traditions. Internationality is also the main reason why she chose to enroll in Bocconi University.  Honored to be part of the 2013 MILMUN as the Human Resources Manager, Cristina will commit herself to making the Conference a truly memorable experience for all Delegates.
 Valerio AbbruzzeseValerio Abruzzese
Logistics and Events


A Marketing and Management M.Sc. student at Bocconi University, Valerio is passionate about product promotion and advertizing. His interest in the aforementioned fields has encouraged him to work as a Public Relations Representative and Events Organizer for reputable firms and clubs in Milan. additionally, Valerio has worked as a Student Brand Manager for RedBull. Also fluent in French, Valerio has put his strong social interaction and people skills to good use by being part of Break-It” – a Student Forum that aims at creating and enhancing synergies among the multitude of Student Associations at Bocconi University.
Having had the opportunity to reside both in Asia and Europe, Raghav was able to explore different cultures and have an international education. This is, in fact, what developed a passion for international affairs in him; he loves discussing  anything interesting he reads in the news with like-minded people. Having lived in Italy for a couple of years, he is now excited about meeting people from other parts of Europe and getting to know about their backgrounds, while sharing the Milanese culture with them. Raghav hopes that he can use his Event Organization and MUN experience to contribute as much as he can to the Marketing division of the Conference and its overall success.
I.T. and Design
Born in Milan, Erika has always dreamt of working in an International Organization. Her studies at Bocconi University coupled with her participation in the MILMUN 2013 EXCOM have brought her several steps closer to the aforementioned goal. Additionally, having engaged in Study Abroad experiences in the UK, Erika has developed an almost innate passion for intercultural exchange. This is also why she identifies with this year’s theme: “United We Stand” – Cooperation in a Multipolar World. As the I.T. and Design Manger for MILMUN 2013, Erika is looking forward to welcoming all participants and interacting with them during the Conference.