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2013 Secretariat


Secretary General

Greco-Bulgarian, with an International Baccalaureate Bilingual Diploma from an American High School and an expected Degree in Economics from Bocconi University, Victor has been passionate about International Affairs ever since he was a child. Being a supporter of the private sector as a means to public policy reformation, he has also engaged in internships at venues ranging from KPMG Auditing and Allianz Insurance to smaller companies in Italy, an NGO in Africa and the Consulate General of Greece in Boston, MA. Model United Nations, however, holds a most significant spot in his heart, since it has helped him develop more than any of the aforementioned activities. Having perpetually served as an award-winning Delegate, Chair and Secretary General at U.N. simulations both in the U.S.A. and Europe, he has come to realize that the value of public speaking permeates any and all aspects of our lives. Hence, he has founded the Bocconi MILMUN Club, hoping that he will also convey his love for debate to each and every one of the MILMUN 2013 Delegates, who he looks forward to meeting in person.

European Council


Lili PopovaLili PopovaPresident of the European Commission

A Bulgarian raised in Washington D.C., Lili is currently studying at Bocconi University, where she is also an active Member of the Bocconi MUN Club. Lili has participated in UN simulation sessions since high school, having attended Conferences at Georgetown University, University of Pennsylvania, and the College of William and Mary. Although her studies specialize in Economics and Finance, she has always been interested in International Affairs while working towards her International Baccalaureate Bilingual Diploma. She has had experience at Deutsche Bank and Credit Suisse as well as teaching history classes at her local Bulgarian School.


 Léo WilkinsonLéo Wilkinson
President of the European Council

In addition to being bilingual in English and French, Léo is presently in the process of enhancing his German language skills by attending an annual Political Science Study Abroad Program at the Free University of Berlin. Currently, he is a Political Science and International Relations with German Major at the University of Kent, where he received Silver and Gold Student Volunteering Certificates both in 2011 and 2012. In terms of MUN experience, Léo has received ’’Honorable Mention’’ and ’’Best Delegate’’ Awards for his participation in U.K. Conferences such as the London and Oxford International Model United Nations. His dedication to European Union simulations is evident from his presence in the Model European Union simulations as a participant and Organizer since 2011. More specifically, this year, Léo is working with the BETA e.V. (Bringing Europeans Together Association) as Head of Content for the Model European Union Conference in Strasbourg.

International Court of Justice

 Elena MilitelloElena Militello

Currently in her 3rd year of the Combined Bachelor and Master in Law Program at Bocconi University, Elena has been part of the Bocconi MUN Club ever since its foundation in early 2011. A dedicated participant at MILMUN ICJ/ECJ simulations, Elena was awarded an ’’Honorable Mention’’ in 2011 and the ’’Best Judge’’ Award in 2012. Elena is also expected to Chair the International Court of Justice simulation during the Model United Nations Conference at the University of Salerno in the Fall of 2013. At Bocconi University, she has served as Class Representative and Member of the International Law Society. Lastly, Elena is also passionate about ’’Certamina’’ Latin/Ancient Greek Translation Competitions which she had won Awards for before beginning her University career in Milan.


European Court
of Justice


Jose_Antonio_Villena_SierraJose Antonio Villena

Ecuadorian, José Antonio Villena is a PhD Candidate in Constitutional and International Law at the University of Salamanca. After receiving his M.A. in Government and Public Administration, he became a Director in the Areas of Constitutional Law and Electoral and Constitutional Reform processes in Ecuador. Following the aforementioned experiences, he worked as an external Adviser to the Trade-Commerce Agreement between the European Union and South American Countries. In the MUN field, Pepe has been a Secretary General for NAPOMUN (Cluj Napoca, Romania) and MUNUSAL (Salamanca,Spain). His current Project concerns the creation of a South American Community of Nations via his position as an Advisor in “The Climate Project “ (Al Gore’s Nobel Prize-winning Project on Climate Change).

Economic and Social Council


 Tobias WurmTobias WurmChair

Though German, Tobias obtained an IB Diploma in the United Kingdom. In a further pursuit of his passion for experiencing cultural diversity, he decided to major in International Economics at Bocconi University. During his first year in Milan, he joined the University’s MUN Club and has enjoyed participating in multiple MUN Conferences ever since. Convinced about the private sector’s important role in economic development, he has gained further experience at private firms such as Deutsche Bank and the Boston Consulting Group. In order to spread awareness of the significant changes in the global economy, Tobias has founded the Bocconi Emerging Markets Society and wishes to gain significant exposure to developing countries and “tiger” markets in the future.


 John ArzinosJohn Arzinos

Having attended an American High School in Greece, John is currently enrolled in the International and European Studies Undergraduate Program at the University of Pireaus where he has also worked as a Teaching Assistant and Researcher. Last year he was an Intern at the Permanent Mission of Greece to the U.N. in New York and will embark on an another Assistantship at the Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Athens, Greece this coming Semester. Within the Model United Nations sphere, John has attended more than twenty Conferences with Distinctions at venues ranging from Oxford University to Washington DC. Currently, John is keen on assisting his classmates via MUN Training Sessions as Head of the local Model United Nations Club. His experience as Deputy Secretary General in THESSISMUN 2012 has brought him a step closer to the aforementioned goal.

Human Rights Council

 Mihaela CerbariMihaela Cerbari

Originally from the Republic of Moldova, Mihaela adopted an international mentality  at the age of 4 when she moved to Bulgaria and studied at the Russian Federation Embassy school there. An Alumna of the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest, Romania where she served as the Assistant to the Dean of International Economic Relations, Mihaela has engaged in internships at the Moldovan Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Bucharest. Currently she works as a Consultant for the Moldovan government in the Department of Public Property Administration and Privatization, whilst enrolled in a Masters course with a focus on International Law at the University of European Studies of Moldova. Having a strong Model United Nations Chairing and Delegate background, Mihaela participated in MIMUN 2011 as a “Best Delegate”.




Having recently completed his B.A. in International Relations in the UK, Florian is currently travelling across South America after having visited Syria and Lebanon in 2010. Following an internship at the German Embassy in Quito, Ecuador, Florian was exposed to the pressures and professionalism associated with Diplomacy and Global Politics. An experienced MUN participant, Florian has held a wide range of positions in Model United Nations Conferences across the European continent. Most notably, he has taken part in MILMUN both as a Delegate and Chair – a fact that has created a bond between him and the Milan International Model United Nations. This year, Florian will be the Chair of the Human Rights Council.

Security Council


 Elena FalcettoniElena Falcettoni

Native in Italian and fluent in English, German, Spanish, Slovenian and French, Elena is a Finance Major at Bocconi University. Multiculturalism and socializing being two of her main values, she first attended MILMUN in 2011 as an Award-winning participant and has ever since served as a Chair and Delegate at multiple MUN Conferences across Europe and the United States alongside the Bocconi MUN Club. Come MILMUN 2013, Elena will have completed her Exchange Program at the George Washington University in Washington, DC and she is currently the Vice-President of the ’’Women in Business’’ Association at Bocconi. Elena has a deep interest in Study Abroad experiences, having taken ESL and Matlab Courses at the  Worcester State University and Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Massachusetts respectively.



A M.Phil. Candidate in History at the University of Cambridge, Jesse holds a B.A. in History and Economics from University College Cork (UCC) in Ireland, where he served as the President of the Model United Nations Club and the UCC Historical Society. He has significant Model United Nations experience, having won ’’Best Delegate’’ Awards at Cambridge and London simulations. Jesse was also the Secretary General for the 2010 and 2011 Editions of the Irish National Model United Nations Conference. His passion for the Humanities and Social Sciences has rewarded him with multiple Academic Merit and Debate Competition Awards, both at regional and national level. His Honors include: ’’UCC Student of the Year in History’’ (2010, 2011 and 2012), ’’UCC Societies’ Guild Bene Merenti Award’’ for contribution to student societies and the ’’Undergraduate Award of Ireland in History’’.