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Elena Falcettoni

Elena Falcettoni

Native in Italian and fluent in English, German, Spanish, Slovenian and French, Elena is a Finance Major at Bocconi University. Multiculturalism and socializing being two of her main values, she first attended MILMUN in 2011 as an Award-winning participant and has ever since served as a Chair and Delegate at multiple MUN Conferences across Europe and the United States alongside the Bocconi MUN Club. Come MILMUN 2013, Elena will have completed her Exchange Program at the George Washington University in Washington, DC and she is currently the Vice-President of the ’’Women in Business’’ Association at Bocconi. Elena has a deep interest in Study Abroad experiences, having taken ESL and Matlab Courses at the Worcester State University and Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Massachusetts respectively.


Jesse Harrington

A M.Phil. Candidate in History at the University of Cambridge, Jesse holds a B.A. in History and Economics from University College Cork (UCC) in Ireland, where he served as the President of the Model United Nations Club and the UCC Historical Society. He has significant Model United Nations experience, having won ’’Best Delegate’’ Awards at Cambridge and London simulations. Jesse was also the Secretary General for the 2010 and 2011 Editions of the Irish National Model United Nations Conference. His passion for the Humanities and Social Sciences has rewarded him with multiple Academic Merit and Debate Competition Awards, both at regional and national level. His Honors include: ’’UCC Student of the Year in History’’ (2010, 2011 and 2012), ’’UCC Societies’ Guild Bene Merenti Award’’ for contribution to student societies and the ’’Undergraduate Award of Ireland in History’’.

Topic Area: The question of “Palestine”

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After the General Assembly granted Palestine the role of a non-Member, Observer State on November 29th, 2012, the U.N. Security Council decided to postpone the decision regarding the admittance of Palestine as a State with a full United Nations Membership. Given the political problems and never-ending conflicts that Palestine faces with Israel, the Statehood largely depends on all other States’ political perspectives and relationships with the former and the latter as well as on the “Veto” power which few countries possess. Following the establishment of Palestine in 1988 and almost twenty-five years of history without Statehood, is 2013 going to be the year when everything changes? Will the Palestinians be able to call themselves as such, aware of the rights and duties that their country would have as a State? Will Palestine finally be represented in the United Nations with the voting rights other U.N. Members have? Finally, is it really possible for the conflict with Israel to cease, when the latter declared on January 16th 2013 that the peace settlement might be undermined and so may the possible Palestinian Statehood request?


China* France* Russian Federation*
United Kingdom* United States of America* Azerbaijan
Argentina Australia Guatemala
Republic of Korea Morocco Pakistan
Portugal Rwanda Togo
Israel* Palestine*

positions marked with an asterisk (*) require 1+ MUN experience

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