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Matteo Tonella, Secretary General
Matteo Tonella is a 27-year-old Italian student coming from the North of Italy. Having graduated from the Catholic University of Milano in 2014, where he achieved a long cycle degree in law, he is now enrolled in a master’s degree in World Politics and International Relations at the University of Pavia and is studying with the aim of working within the context of diplomatic relations in the future.
Matteo is a MUN addict having previously participated in 12 international conferences all around Italy and Europe. Among all the conferences attended, Matteo is particularly attached to MILMUN, in which he participated for the last three editions both as a delegate and as a chair. The appointment to the role of Secretary-General is therefore an amazing opportunity, which was accepted by Matteo with the aim of offering the best possible UN simulation so that future MUNers will become as much passionate about MILMUN as he is.
In his everyday life Matteo is interested in international politics and loves the encounter with new people and cultures. As a good Italian he appreciates good food and the pleasure of consuming it during a meal with his friends.


Matilde de Bivar Cruz, Under-Secretary General
Matilde is a Portuguese undergraduate student currently enrolled in the 2nd year of the Bachelor of International Economics and Finance at Università Bocconi.
Aspiring to a career in diplomacy or working with international organisations, she sees her participation in the MUN world not only as an opportunity to gain the skills that will help her in the future but also as a way to get in touch with other cultures and points of view.
Last year she was a member of MILMUN’s Executive Committee, working as Human Resources Manager, and is very glad to be involved again this year in the preparation of the unique conference that MILMUN is, this time as part of the Secretariat.




Marco Graziano, Conference Manager
Marco, 21 years old and hailing from La Spezia, Liguria, is a third-year student in the Bachelor of Economics and Social Sciences at Università Bocconi. Intrigued by diplomacy and international organisations since his high school years, he took part in his first MUN in 2013 and the ensuing severe addiction led him to join various conferences from Latvia to Israel, taking home unforgettable moments and his good share of awards.
Marco is also a keen traveler and a passionate language learner, fluent in Italian, English and Spanish and currently learning French. After enrolling in Bocconi Students MILMUN Society on his very first week of university and taking part in MILMUN 2014 as a delegate, he contributed to the success of MILMUN 2015 as a member of the Executive Committee.
Since September he’s had the honour of serving as President of Bocconi Students MILMUN Society and he is looking forward to welcoming all Chairs and Delegates to yet another amazing edition of MILMUN as Conference Manager.


Roberta Sgariglia, Fundraising Supervisor
Roberta is a second year student in Economics and Management at Bocconi University in Milan. She is (and has been for long) an MUN enthusiast. As concerns MILMUN, she served in the 2015 Excom as Fundraising Manager and is currently Fundraising Supervisor of Milmun 2016 along with Vice-President of the Bocconi Students MILMUN Society.
In her private life, Roberta is a voracious reader, loves meeting new people, learning new languages and setting off for unprecedented adventures.


Lidia Panarello, Logistics & Events Manager

Teams: Logistics & Events

Attending her third year at Bocconi University and studying International Economics, Lidia has always shown particular interest in the international environment.
Born in Milan in 1994 from a multicultural family (Italian/Venezuelan) currently living in Mantova, she has developed her inclination towards foreign relations by spending her fourth year of high school in the US where she had the possibility to live with an Asian-American family, learning a lot from their culture, leading her to apply to study abroad program in South Korea.
By participating at 2014 MILMUN Conference and having there great time, Lidia decided to fully commit to the 2015 Executive Committee Team in order to contribute with her effort to the organization of the Conference and to have a greater knowledge on how international organizations work. This experience was beyond expectations, amazing; hence Lidia decided to reengage herself in organizing this fantastic conference which brings together people from all over the world debating on global issues.
Enthusiastic about being part of this project, Lidia hopes all delegates coming to the 2016 MILMUN XI to have a wonderful experience and welcomes warmly them in Milan , looking forward to meeting them.


Luca Cerreoni, HR Manager and IT & Design Manager
Luca Cerreoni is a second year student in Management and Economics at Bocconi University in Milan. He is very passionate about MUNs and as a matter of fact he has attended many since high school. Having been official photographer last year, he decided to engage more this year in the organization of Milmun by becoming HR Manager.
He is determined as to turn Milmun 2016 into a success.


Athina Chondropoulou, HR Manager
Athina decided to follow her passion of international affairs and study at Bocconi University the newly introduced Bachelor in International Politics and Governance.
Born and raised in Athens, she learned to love history, especially ancient Greek history, which fueled her passion for international relations. Her love of travelling gave Athina the opportunity to get to know different cultures, which all had an impact on the forming of her character.
While high school Athina got familiar with the demanding, but yet rewarding, world of MUN. Now at University she decided to continue to walk down that road, not only by being a member of the ExCom, but also a member of the MILMUN Society for Bocconi Students. Having attended several MUNs, she knows the concerns and fears future delegates experience, so she hopes that her position in the HR team and her total contribution in the organization of the conference will be proven helpful.


Eleonora Amarante, Fundraising Manager
Eleonora is a second year student in Management and Economics at Bocconi University. Since high school, Eleonora has showed particular interest in organizing events by being representative of her class and an active member of a committee of a district of Modena, dealing with projects for teens. This year, attracted by the smart and international atmosphere of MUNs, she is ready to start a new adventure: working hard as a fundraiser and putting all her passion for the success of MILMUN 2016!


Elisabeth Marie Frommelt, Fundraising Manager
Being interested in global affairs and international relations, Elisabeth is pursuing the Bachelor of International Politics and Government at Bocconi University. Having lived in a variety of countries, from the United Kingdom to Sweden, has enhanced Elisabeth’s appreciation of diversity and expanded her cultural horizons. Her desire to communicate on an international basis has led her to being fluent in five languages, and she is enthusiastically learning more.
In high school, Elisabeth founded and was President of the MUN society, and was thus involved in all aspects of MUN; the creating, planning, organising, and advertising. She organised various events, which included fundraising and lectures by UN speakers. Her debating experience has also extended outside of MUN, for example with her participation in the Model European Council, as well as debating competitions internationally.
Elisabeth is very passionate about MUN, and is honoured to be in the Executive Committee for MILMUN 2015. She is excited about facing the upcoming challenges, and hopes to make the conference an outstanding experience for all involved.


Alberto Pellicanò, Fundraising Manager
Alberto is a 4th year Law student in Bocconi University, currently attending his major in International Law. Deeply South-Italian inside, he studies in order to fullfill his passion for the world of International Organizations and NGOs.
He joined his first MILMUN in May 2013 and enjoyed it so much that he decided to join the Bocconi MILMUN Society and to repeat this experience for several times.
He still has a lot of enthusiasm to express in the International Relations field, so he is really excited by the idea of helping in the organization of the 2016 conference in the role of fundraiser.


Alessandra Bracchi, Marketing Manager
Born in Verona, Alessandra moved last year in Milan to attend University. Currently enrolled in the second year of the Bachelor in International Economics and Management, she first got in touch with the MUN world during High School and then she had the chance to join different conferences. Addicted traveller and language lover she had the opportunity to get to know different cultures and mind settings.
Because of her curious and enthusiastic attitude she was involved in different volunteering projects and she is ready to put the same enthusiasm working into Executive Committee as a Marketer!

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